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Sara Rostotski Photography

Sara’s father, Lorne Rostotski, started his photographic career in 1966, working across Canada eleven months per year.  Joined by his wife, Jill, they established a studio in Gander and then St. John’s.  Recently relocating to new premises in Paradise, Rostotski Studio Limited is now owned and operated by Sara and her husband, Norm.

The creative team of Sara, Norm and Lorne are experts in portraiture.  Lorne is a Master of Photographic Arts and has taught professional photographers throughout Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe.  Sara has her Masters of Photographic Arts and is Accredited in five Portrait specialities. In 2016, Sara was named Newfoundland and Labrador Photographer of the Year by PPA for 2016-2017.  Sara has recently started speaking and teaching other professional photographers at conventions and specialized classes.  Norm is working toward his Accreditations.  Our team are members of the Professional Photographers of Canada as well as the Professional Photographers of America and are involved in specialized education for the latest developments and trends in our photographic field on a continuous basis.

Sara’s passion for creating timeless Fine Art Portraiture:

I love creating a piece of art that is loved and treasured for generations.  Artwork that is significant and extremely special to the owner.

I love to hear that our artwork still invokes tears and chills 10 or 15 years later.  I love to hear that the experience with our studio is still one of our clients favourite memories and I love to hear that the portrait that I have taken of them is the most beautiful they they have ever felt.  I strive to create magic every time.

Our brand has been built on surpassing expectations.  We want not only our product to surpass expectations, we need the service and experience to surpass their expectations.

I am passionate about thrilling my clients with tangible, talk- about products.  I have never been thrilled by looking at an iphone to see someone’s pictures of their children.  It is fundamentally important for me to provide physical, tactile, portrait products that are displayed on walls and mantels, that are carried in purses and worn as jewelry.  I need to be sure that my portraits are protected from computer crashes, telephone toilet drops and lost DVDs.

We archive every wall portrait created at Rostotski Studio.  People’s memories are precious to us.

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