Apr 29 2015

Celebrating a win at Nationals


I had an awesome showing at the Professional Photographers of Canada’s 2015 Image Salon.  I push myself to enter competitions.  It’s a great way to grow as an artist and I always find the comments by the judges helps me refine my creative eye. It’s stressful selecting and prepping the images before they go to competition.  I have never hired a model for my competition images.  I take pride in being able to compete with my own clients work that we capture in everyday sessions.  This year I get to celebrate having my portrait awarded Best in Class for the Fashion category.  This image is from a session I had for Amanda Pinhorn. Amanda is a master stylist at Athena by Anstey Salon and Spa.  Amanda was also shooting for an upcoming competition and brought me her model, Emily Rudkin.  Thank you Amanda and Emily for being part of this big honour for me.  I obviously couldn’t have done this without you.

I entered 4 different images in the Professional Photographers of Canada Image Salon and I was thrilled that all of them hung.  I received 3 merits and an accepted score for this entry.  Thank you to my beautiful models Emma and Evangeline.  Thank you to Neil Browne for letting me capture those puppies before they went off to their new homes.

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