Apr 6 2015

Jodi, Christina and Heather – NTV News









































Here’s another session from last fall.  I had the pleasure of working with Jodi Cooke several years ago but it was my first time meeting Christina Marshall-Jeenes and Heather Gillis.  It’s always a little thrill for me to see these recognizable Newfoundlanders and get to meet them in person.  Christina is just pure energy and it’s a treat to be around her.  Heather has these strikingly beautiful doe like eyes.  She’s also got great taste in shoes.  Jodi is a bit of tomboy and she is so relaxed and personable that it’s easy to be yourself around her.  We had a really fun session and the girls were all personality and joy.  This session was photographed for The Newfoundland Herald. Thank you Jodi, Christina, Heather and The Newfoundland Herald for letting me share some images from that session. You can follow them on twitter @theNfldHerald @jodicookeskis @HeatherMGillis @CMJeenes

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