Jul 11 2014

Jon & Neda Meet & Greet – July 28th



I’d love to introduce you to Jon Pardy and Neda Kalantar from Big Brother Canada season 2 so I am going to host an all ages meet and greet for them on July 28th!  I talked in my last post about how I am a huge fan of Jon Pardy.  I have had the chance to work with him for several different photo shoots since his big win.  Jon and I talked about putting together an all ages meet and greet so that all of the fans have an opportunity to meet him and Neda while they are in Newfoundland this summer.  We are hoping to use this opportunity to help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, a charity that is close to my heart.  You may or may not know that my mother has been fighting cancer for the past 7 years so I am grateful to have this kind of opportunity to give back.  I am hoping you guys will all come out to meet Jon and Neda and help out this awesome cause.  I’ve tried to make this special so here are the details.

We will be booking 100 appointments for this event. Each person has their own private time and photo shoot (photographed by ME) with Jon and Neda.  You have two options. Option 1 is our basic option and is $20 if you pre-book your appointment.  You get a meet and greet and mini photo shoot with Jon and Neda.   We have 5×7 exclusive portrait 411 cards of each of them that they will autograph for you.  You will receive a download code so you can download the images from your shoot with Jon and Neda. And you’re donating $5 to the Canadian Cancer Society!!  Option 2 is $35 includes everything from option 1 but adds on your choice of one of the HUNDO or WAKE UP NEWFOUNDLAND tanks (regularly sold for $20 each).  So if you are interested click the image above for the link or go to our client login (top right hand side of this page) and enter the Jon and Neda meet and greet to pre-book your appointment.  Once your purchase is made I will be getting in touch with you to arrange the appointment time that works best for you.  These appointments are limited so if you want to be part of this event you should book it right now!  And super fans – I look forward to seeing if you can control yourselves better than I did when I met Jon!

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