Jun 18 2014

Jon Pardy – Winner Big Brother Canada season 2

For those of you who spent the winter in Newfoundland you all might have been suffering from the same crazies that I was.  It was a long, cold winter with plenty of snow days.  While I was holed up in the house I found myself addicted to watching Big Brother Canada season 2.  Now I have to be honest, Big Brother is my guilty pleasure.  Last year a Canadian version of the Big Brother dynasty began and gave those of us who love the show some extra excitement for the winter months.  When season 2 of Big Brother Canada began I knew that we were in for an exciting season.  There were 3 Newfoundlanders in the cast and you know how Newfoundlanders support their own.  After more than 2 months of watching the houseguests battle it out for the big prize ($100,000 cash along with prize packages of trips and house supplies from the Brick) we were at the end and my most beloved houseguest, Jon Pardy, 23 year old education student from Clarenville,  was crowned the winner.  For those of you who watched you also probably fell in love with this “Goofy Newfie”  (as his Twitter handle now proudly proclaims).  Jon was certainly one of the most authentic and genuine houseguests I have have ever watched play the game.  He made it to the end without much backstabbing or lying which in Big Brother is very difficult.  My husband Norm jokes about how the credits for the finale hadn’t finished running before I was at my computer trying to arrange a photoshoot with Jon Pardy.  To my absolute joy The Newfoundland Herald arranged an interview with Jon and I was brought in as the photographer.  When the big day arrived I was totally stoked to meet Jon.  During my career I have gotten to photograph a lot of awesome and interesting people and I can usually keep my cool.  Not this day.  No, as soon as it was my turn to meet Jon Pardy my super fan took over and I literally ran screaming into his arms.  I am a passionate person and sometimes keeping that inside just doesn’t happen.  Luckily Jon took it all in stride.  He is the same guy as I watched on the show.  Sweet, hilarious, genuine.  In my opinion he is totally deserving of all of the attention he is getting.  Isn’t it nice to see the nice guy finish first?   For the Big Brother fans out there Newfoundland has had some great opportunities to go out and meet some of this years cast.  After my shoot with Jon he was off to get fellow houseguest Arlie Shaban at the airport.  Well, wouldn’t you know that I was lucky enough to also get to do another photo shoot including Allison White, another Newfoundlander who was a houseguest and Arlie with Jon?  But I will save those images for another day.  However, if you didn’t get enough of Jon from this post you can see more images from my first session with him in my portfolio under individuals.  I also hear that Jon will be all over the island this summer doing meet and greets so fans can get out and meet this awesome guy!  And keep checking back here – you never know who I might get feature next.


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