Jul 22 2015

Katie and Leah Vardy

One of my personal joys is watching kids grow.  It’s incredibly fast and a little heartbreaking but certainly one of the treasures of my life.  I have been part of our photography business for 20 years now and I am starting to notice that I have been part of capturing full lives of memories.  This year I got to photograph Katie Vardy as a high school graduate.  We have photographed Katie and her sister Leah for their whole lives.  My dad photographed their baby portraits and I met them when they were a little older, around 3 and 5 years.  Gail, their mom, sent along some of the photographs from their collection and I put it together so you can see them grow. Of course I hope that I get to meet their children and eventually capture them at all stages of their lives.  Leah and Katie, it’s been a wonderful treat watching you girls grow into the amazing ladies you are now.


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