Jun 4 2014

Last Day for Voting!!

We have reached our last day of voting and I am overwhelmed by the response.  Some of these images had over 500 votes in the last day!  There was a little movement in the top 7 – the images that will be in the airport display.  Is your favourite there?  You still have today to vote and any time up until 9am Newfoundland time tomorrow.   The race is still very close so your vote does count!!  Get your votes in.

I do have one surprise that I have decided on.  As I mentioned, the involvement on this vote has been amazing.  I know that in order to get the numbers that we are recording in this contest we have some very invested family members getting everyone they know to vote.  I have several public displays around the St. John’s area.  Although this vote is for new images for the display in the St. John’s International Airport I have decided that any of the images that reach 1000 votes or more will be showcased in one of my other displays.  All of the images in the top seven are already well over 1000 votes each.  But there are several that are sitting at 850-950 votes as of this morning.  All of the images that reach 1000 votes by 9am NL time tomorrow morning will have a place in one of the Rostotski displays.  I will follow up with all of the parents once the vote ends to let you know the results of your portrait.  But until tomorrow morning – VOTE VOTE VOTE!!  Thanks everyone!!!

 JUNE 4 update

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