Feb 3 2015

Marcus and Marisa (5 & 4 years old)

I want to get into a habit of sharing some of my work. I can start with this session I had with Marcus and Marisa. Before Christmas my friends Natasha and Lee brought in their children for their long antispated portraits.  Marcus is 5 and is still holding on to those baby teeth so we thought it was now or never if we were going to capture their “preschool” look.   We loved the green on Marcus and we knew that it would be a great compliment to Marisa’s red hair.  As you can see the clothing is fairly simple with the pop of green and a little mix of bright pink to add some personality.  13























Natasha and Lee ended up loving more than just one portrait so we designed a whimsical staircase collection for them.  Here is how the collection hung in their home.

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