Dec 22 2015

Merry Christmas!!

We would like to take a moment to thank you all for being part of our lives.  This was a roller coaster year with some major highs and some major lows.  We have celebrated and stressed, laughed and cried.  But what makes it all worthwhile is the love and support that surrounds us.  Thank you all so much for being there to share our lives.  We are so grateful that we can count our clients as our friends.  May your Christmas be the merriest and your 2016 be better than your wildest dreams.  Thank you for letting us capture such precious moments in your lives.  Here’s to you and to all of the joys and adventures that are around the next corner.

Jul 22 2015

Katie and Leah Vardy

One of my personal joys is watching kids grow.  It’s incredibly fast and a little heartbreaking but certainly one of the treasures of my life.  I have been part of our photography business for 20 years now and I am starting to notice that I have been part of capturing full lives of memories.  This year I got to photograph Katie Vardy as a high school graduate.  We have photographed Katie and her sister Leah for their whole lives.  My dad photographed their baby portraits and I met them when they were a little older, around 3 and 5 years.  Gail, their mom, sent along some of the photographs from their collection and I put it together so you can see them grow. Of course I hope that I get to meet their children and eventually capture them at all stages of their lives.  Leah and Katie, it’s been a wonderful treat watching you girls grow into the amazing ladies you are now.


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