Jun 2 2014

Three More Days!

What a great response we are getting for the display vote.  There are some warriors out there. Some of the images shown here had hundreds of votes over the weekend.  There are some new leaders in the top spots but it looks like we have established some very strong contenders.  There is one thing I wanted to note.  The contest will be decided by the number of votes for each image rather than the number of stars.  As it is they are all ranking about the same as far as the 5 star ranking and I have had several people mention that they voted 1 star when they meant to vote 5.  So it seems that the fair option is to consider the number of votes instead of the highest star rankings.

Thank you to all of the voters out there.  It’s almost over and then your loved ones will stop harassing you for votes. I hope you all get to see these portraits in my display at some point!


MONDAY JUNE 2 update


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