Apr 15 2013

Welcome to the new Rostotski.com

ROSTOTSKI family SARA 37 wks_8899 final fbHello and thanks for visiting us!  We are excited to start a fresh, new website.  We purchased two new studios in 2011 and we have been happily growing into our new spaces.  The update on our website feels like the final step in our evolution.  What is brand new to me and to our website is our blog. Those of you who know me know that I am rather absent on social media.  I would rather see you in person than update you online. However, I have started to realize the huge benefits of having an online presence.  Life is short and I certainly am not able to see all of the people that I want to see.  So that means that there are a lot of people out there who have no idea what is going on in our world.  That’s what my blog will become,  a glimpse into our world.  I will try to keep you updated about all of the important and relevant things that are happening to us.  I will also use this as my professional platform to tell you about exciting accomplishments, share special stories and introduce you to important people. I will use my blog to keep you up to date on our photography and I promise to share lots of beautiful images with you.

Here’s the first that I want to share.  This is our family so far.  We religiously capture a yearly family portrait, no matter how busy we are or how difficult it is to fit in to our schedule.  You see Lorne and Jill, the patriarch and matriarch of our business and, of course, my dad and mom.  I am here with my wonderful husband and sidekick Norm and our four year old daughter, Aydan.  As you can see from my maternity portrait, we are waiting for baby #2, a daughter arriving any day now.

You will be the first know when she comes and who she looks like.  Thanks for stopping by!

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